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Home Shop strongly recommends that no investment and transaction decisions be based on contents of this site and instead be based on physical copy of statements, information, literature and/or any other material etc. obtained by post. Home Shop accepts no direct or consequential liability for any losses arising from information provided on site. Links to other sites are provided merely as a matter of convenience, and Home Shop does not monitor and is not responsible for the contents, quality and accessibility of sites accessed through such links. Home Shop provides various services on this site principally in its capacity as Service Providers to its Mutual Fund and other clients. The scope, delivery and accuracy of the services provided are subject to instructions issued to Home Shop by its various clients from time to time. At its own discretion, Home Shop reserves the right to alter, suspend, limit or withdraw any or all of the services available on this site in respect of one or all users at any time with prior notice of one working day. Excessive or inappropriate or competitive usage of this site may cause individual visitors or groups of visitors to be barred from the site and its services.

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